Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Green Jeans and ham. Something, something, I am.

Okay so that pun didn't really work. I was never really into Dr Seuss anyway. Also this post contains no ham. Promise. (Unless you count the coming photos. Then yes, yes there is ham)

I have a day off tomorrow! I know, two days after a long weekend and I'm already hanging out for a break. Also I need to get Christmas presents for some family members who have decided to drop by later this month. I was silly and forgot to buy them before Christmas. Yes, I am a terrible cousin.

Lately I've been loving coloured jeans. Particular red or a forest green shade. Despite desperately coveting a green Bardot pair, I've not let myself buy them. You see I believe in the cost per wear system. You know, how much something cost divided by how many times it gets worn. I also went through a stage in year 11 (I think the american equivalent is sophomore year) when I though surf shops like Jetty Surf and JR's were the coolest thing ever. I'd also never surfed a day in my life either. Yeah, I don't know what was wrong with me at 16-17 years.

Anyway. Point is I bought these mint-green jeans. I also have them in pale-pink (I don't even like the colour pink that much. Especially not pastel pink. Seriously, 16 year old me, what the hell?). They cost $100-ish at the time. I'd say with cost per wear we're sitting at about $50 each. Clearly investment pieces then (that was sarcasm).

Long story short, I wasn't allowed to buy the pretty green jeans because I had this, sitting in my wardrobe.

Top - Dotti; Jeans - Roxy, Watch - Ripcurl

So apparently back in 2005 skinny jeans hadn't happened yet. Turns out these jeans are actually far too long an baggy legged for my short little pins. But with a little bit of folding of the cuffs they became perfectly good 3/4 jeans. I'm thinking they are a keeper. So much so that I am considering having them tailored into skinny legs.

And yes. My brand new Christmas present watch is almost an identical colour to my 6 year old jeans. Fate? I think so.

I also think I'll get those new green jeans. It rhymes. Nobody can pass up a good rhyme.

NB: I have a crappy camera that is even older than these jeans. Hence the crappy pictures.

Monday, January 2, 2012


This morning, after a long sleep in I thought I would test the curling ability of the new GHD hair straightener I got for Christmas. I am impressed. I was more than pleased with how the front turned out, but the back left much to be desired. Though I suspect that is more to do with my ability, than the ghd.

A couple of hours later, with no product, my hair has dropped but is still curly/wavy

After which I finally sat down to write my new year resolutions. As a general rule, I think resolutions are bogus. Despite this I get suckered in every year and set some. Without further ado, my resolutions:

Learn to knit. I say this every year, and am yet to pick up a needle. But I really want to make a Doctor Who scarf, and inevitably yell at people when they ask if it is a Chuck Bass scarf.
Moisturise EVERY DAY. I am so not a creature of habit. With the exception of showering and brushing my teeth daily, I can't keep to any kind of pattern/regime etc. But I am determined to do this. I actually have been successful with this the past month or so though, so fingers crossed.
Buy a car. Initially I planned to save up enough to buy one outright, but I did the math and that was going to take way to long. So the new plan is to have saved enough to get a car loan that won't cripple me financially. Hopefully this will happen by June.
Travel. I'm hoping for a girls weekend to Melbourne or a trip to Perth. I've never been to Perth and for some reason it really appeals to me. Also, though it's not for this year, I'd like to go to America possibly next year or the year after depending on my finances/where my life ends up by then.
Shop more. Okay, so that is a weird resolution, but by this I mean that I would like to revamp my wardrobe. I borderline hate 80% of my wardrobe and feel daggy 90% of the time. Really need to change this.
Get a job interview. Originally this was to get a job. But the more I thought about it I realised that at the moment I have a job, it gives me enough money for the moment, so I think I can afford to be picky when it comes to accepting a job. If it's not something I think I'll truly enjoy then I don't think I'd take it. Hence the goal of getting at least to the interview stage in my job search.

There it is.

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Book Depository

This is just a quick post to say how AMAZING Book Depository is.

I ordered a novel for my Granda for Christmas. He hasn't been able to find it anywhere in Australia [we think it's out of print here] so I said I would take a look online.

This is when Book Depository began what I am sure will be a long and passionate affair ;) Well, until my bank account finds out...

Seriously though, they have an amazing selection and cheap pricing. Plus they do worldwide delivery FREE. It's like magic!

If you are as much a bibliophile as I am, go check them out. It'll be worth it.

[For the record the book was Jack Ludlow's The Pillars of Rome for a mere $12]

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What to see these holidays. And what not to see. Ever.

Well the shopping trip I mentioned in my previous post was very successful - only five more presents to come-up with :) Hopefully I can get them done this weekend, and then all I have to do is wrap everything.

Over the past two nights I have been to the cinemas to see two very different films. One was just as good as I had hoped, the other was underwhelming.


On Tuesday night I went with my Granda [Grandfather] and brother to see Immortals. Yes, it's a blood & guts film. But it's also based on greek mythology. I say 'based on' as I'm pretty sure a great deal of artistic license was employed throughout the film.

I really enjoyed this movie and the special effects are amazing. While we did not see this in 3D, I can only imagine how amazing the effect would have been to see blood platter flying towards you [I know it sounds gross, but like I said, blood & guts]. I must admit though, I am a sucker for a good sword-fight or two. Especially when the leading man looks like this:


Henry Cavill is actually perfection. He is also the main [only] reason I watch The Tudors. Also he is to star as Clark Kent in the latest Superman film, which unfortunately won't be released until 2013. So far away.


The second movie was New Years Eve, which I saw last night with two of my best friends. It was, as I said underwhelming. Nothing really happens. At all.

Similar to 'He's Just Not That Into You' and 'Valentine's Day', it consists of many different story lines all overlapping at some stage. However unlike HJNTIY, none of the story lines seemed to catch my attention. I wasn't becoming attached to any of the characters [For the record I totally ship Alex & Gigi in HJNTIY]

I would definitely recommend seeing Immortals as opposed to New Year's Eve.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making a list, and checking it twice

Photo from here

Today I am going shopping with my little brother. Christmas shopping that is. I have started tackling my Christmas Shopping List with six people now definitely getting to unwrap something on Christmas day. Six down, 13 to go. The worst part is I'm not really sure what to get those 13. So, so far the shopping list is really rather short...

Hopefully the shops aren't too packed yet. I'm not fond of crowds or slow walkers. Or quite often people in general. And Christmas shopping seems to bring out the worst in Adelaide shoppers.

Here's to a successful shopping trip.

Monday, December 12, 2011

We'll have Halloween on Christmas

A kiddies Voldemort costume doubles as a Witch costume - just add a sparkly witches hat!
This pic was from Halloween. Which seems so recent but was more than a month ago. Where does time go? As you can see I was kitted out as a witch. Here in Australia, Halloween is only just gaining momentum. I am actually quite disappointed I didn't get to experience a real Halloween when I was little - all the chocolate I've missed out on :( This year however Mum and I dressed our windows with pumpkins (plastic) and skeletons (also plastic) and bought loads of Halloween treats. We only had one trick-or-treater come to our door, and though he wasn't in costume he did have the loveliest of manners and we couldn't help but fill is library bag with chocolate and 'Oozing Eyeballs'.
Jelly Filled Marshmallow 'Eyeballs'. Seriously addictive.

Speaking of time passing by, please excuse the long absent of late. I've had exams to deal with throughout November plus my birthday. I had TWO exams on my actually birthday as well. Even worse one of these exams were Maths. I hate Math. Isn't that a horrible way to spend your 23rd birthday?

Now exams are all over though, and guess what? I passed! This means I will be officially graduating in March. I am so relieved/proud/excited! Since finishing university I haven't been up to too much. Just working three to four days a week. I am trying to make the most of what will be my last summer holidays EVER.

Today I applied for a real world Marketing junior position. My first application since completing my degree, which is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. Hopefully I get a response.

Going to hunt down some of those left over eyeballs. Yum

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Grateful List

I tumblr that I read often [find her here: ] has begun regular postings featuring a list of things that she is grateful for. It is such a simple concept, but I like that it forces you to take stock of your life and appreciate the things we may normally take for granted. In such a fast paced world, sometimes it's more important than we realise to take a moment to reflect on where we are and what we have.

So without further ado, my grateful list 07.11.11
  • This amazing weather. Today was 32 degrees Celsius, and I wore a dress!
  • The lovely and extremely patient assistant at OPSM who help Mum & I pick out our new glasses and prescription sunglasses respectively. Also the 30% off we received. Thanks Julie!
  • Mum & Dad offering to purchase said prescription sunglasses for me as my birthday gift. At first I was apprehensive - the frames alone were over $400. However with health cover and the discount thanks to Julie, they came down to just over $150. Still pricey, I know, but thanks Mum & Dad x
  • My hair is growing! This is so exciting for me, you have no idea. From being cut in a short pixie/boy style, it is now a mid-length bob and just that little bit closer to finally skimming my shoulders. Right now it is pulled back into what I would call a pseudo ballerina bun.
  • Working for my parents. This means every Monday and Tuesday I am in the office with Mum. I'll be honest, the prospect of working with Mum in such confined quarters did not appeal to me initially, but thanks to being extremely cash strapped I accepted their job offer. Boy, am I glad I did. Spending so much time with Mum has really brought us closer. I would like to think Mum & I got along well enough before, but we were not quite as close as the stereotypical mother & daughter relationship. However our relationship has certainly been strengthened these past 5 or so months. Sure there is definitely the occasional moment when she tests my patience, but I can now honestly say that my Mum is my best friend. And for that I am extremely grateful.