Friday, December 16, 2011

Book Depository

This is just a quick post to say how AMAZING Book Depository is.

I ordered a novel for my Granda for Christmas. He hasn't been able to find it anywhere in Australia [we think it's out of print here] so I said I would take a look online.

This is when Book Depository began what I am sure will be a long and passionate affair ;) Well, until my bank account finds out...

Seriously though, they have an amazing selection and cheap pricing. Plus they do worldwide delivery FREE. It's like magic!

If you are as much a bibliophile as I am, go check them out. It'll be worth it.

[For the record the book was Jack Ludlow's The Pillars of Rome for a mere $12]


  1. Natasha - how can I ever thank you!! Being a huge book fan I probably SHOULD know about this little gold mine of books with free delivery but I dont. I was SO disappointed the other day after finally biting the bullet and ordering off amazon 3 books ive been dying to read, but then went it got to check out postage was $25 dollars and I couldn't bare to spend that (when I could spend it on another book or two). Ive just placed my said order on book depository and my books are on there way :) Thanks!!!!

    Anna xo

  2. Oh, isn't it fantastic! You are more than welcome :)

    Normally I am very much against online purchases. I prefer real shops with real employees. But Book Depository really is too good to pass up.