Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making a list, and checking it twice

Photo from here

Today I am going shopping with my little brother. Christmas shopping that is. I have started tackling my Christmas Shopping List with six people now definitely getting to unwrap something on Christmas day. Six down, 13 to go. The worst part is I'm not really sure what to get those 13. So, so far the shopping list is really rather short...

Hopefully the shops aren't too packed yet. I'm not fond of crowds or slow walkers. Or quite often people in general. And Christmas shopping seems to bring out the worst in Adelaide shoppers.

Here's to a successful shopping trip.


  1. have a great shopping experience!<3

  2. oh gosh you poor thing - I can't believe you have to buy for 19 people all up! I dont think I'd have any money or energy left at the end of that! Shopping with a brother though would be helpful as boys like to get in and just get things done. Goodluck with finding the remainding 13 gifts :)

    Anna xo

  3. Ana - We had a very successful trip!

    Anna - Half my family is Italian, so we are basically the stereotypical (Northern) tight-nit family. The other half of the family (Scottish) joins in as well. So that's 20 odd people around the table at Christmas!

    Thank you girls x